We’re adding a few of the past submissions to the website here, starting off with Stephany Ramsey’s “Effusion” from the 2013 issue of the Lee Review. For ┬ámore works, check out the “Work from Past Issues” tab in the “What We Do” menu above.


a poem by Stephany Ramsey

Alone in misery

It builds

More than the throes of a hurricane

An agony

A silence so deafening . . .

The simplicity of a caring hand put to cheek

And then, an outpouring

All the things left unsaid

Wounds left to fester

The scars reopened

They purge from the darkest part of her soul

Trembling in the wake

Surrounded by the spillage

The intimate thoughts

Broken memories

Lying bare, discarded

Wholly empty

Awaiting restoration . . .