Nonfiction Guidelines

The Lee Review is now accepting works of critical writing, letters, and creative writing that adhere to the following guidelines:

Submissions should

1. Make an earnest effort to relate some aspect of Truth
2. Exemplify well-crafted writing within their genre
3. Challenge readers to think in a new way or from a different perspective
4. Be logically consistent and properly backed by factual support as appropriate for the respective genre
5. Convince the reader of the validity of the voice presented in the writing
6. Attempt to produce a lasting effect on the reader and leave room for conversation and contemplation
7. If the writing is an excerpt or a condensed version of a larger work then it should not necessarily attempt to retain everything from the original writing but should at least relate the most important concepts and themes
8. The topic and writing should not be such that it is unapproachable for anyone outside of a specific academic discipline or set of beliefs
9. The information used in the writing, especially if it is of a personal nature, should be considerate of those that may be involved. Lack of regard for others may prevent your piece from being published.
10. The piece should be capable of standing alone if necessary and cannot require the reader to be familiar with your previous writing