Script Guidelines

When submitting scripts and screenplays to Lee Review, please follow these guidelines:
  • All scripts must have 1 inch margins.
  • Scripts cannot exceed 10 pages.
  • Scripts may be a short work, or a segment from a larger work. If it is a segment, and you wish to give a brief introduction, remember that such intros are included in the final page count and cannot push the page count beyond 10 pages.
  • Writing should be single spaced, with double spaces between dialogues and/or stage directions.
  • Character names attached to dialogues should be all caps.
  • Cover page should include any relevant detail, such as title, location, and characters.
(Extra note for Screenplays)
Please remember:
  • Character names attached to dialogue should be centered.
  • Dialogue should have margins of 2 inches left and right.